About me.

Ross Ance, 35 years old.
Umbraco Freelance Developer

Ross Ance - Umbraco Freelance Developer

My name is Ross. I'm an ASP.NET Developer.
I'm programming websites since 2008.
In 2010 I discovered for myself the beauty and power of Umbraco CMS and started working with it.
In the same 2010 year I've started freelancing and building Umbraco websites for digital agencies and other software companies that wanted to hire remote programmer for their Umbraco development.
Actually, 90% of all my work is helping other digital agencies with Umbraco websites.
I collaborate for companies from US, Denmark, New Zealand, UK and Czech Republic.
I'm Ukrainian. Starting from 2017 I live in Prague, Czech Republic.

Freelance Umbraco Developer

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